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Survive through four days at the end of the world in this post-apocalyptic point-and-click thriller where your choices could keep you alive... or not.
Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive is a point and click adventure game about the end of the world.
Not only your actions (or lack thereof) determine an outcome of the whole story - each chapter has different possible variations to playthrough, so a new game will have different challenges.

The game has been released for PC and Mac
by Armor Games Studios.

Game features

An adventure game with a twist!

Classic point-and-click with stylized pixelated graphics meets fresh and exciting gameplay! Each chapter you are given a simple task: survive - because the hostile world constantly throws threats at you. The way you deal with them - is up to you.

You're in control!

It's you who decides when you're done and when the action should move forward. When you think you're ready you click a button and sit tight, while the game displays a summary of consequences of your actions. Will your efforts be enough to survive the night...?

Time management

You have so much to do and so little time! Each threat only gives you a couple of in-game hours to prepare yourself and while most of your actions don't burn that limit, some of them will move the clock's hands pretty fast! You can roam around the world, fix a bridge or barricade the windows in your hideout, but you have to prioritize and plan ahead!


Each chapter of the game has multiple potential variations to encounter, from poisonous fog or spiders to a gang of murderous thugs or a deadly heat wave, and as a result, you'll need to adjust your strategy on different playthroughs.


The story

The world has ended - but it doesn't realize it quite yet. Everything is dead or dying after the mysterious Moon Incident that has left our natural satellite split in half and slowly heading towards Earth.
The descent of the Moon has caused a series of natural disasters and global climate change. The worst however is yet to come.
You are one of the few people left alive, roaming the world and trying to survive. When you wake up from a terrible nightmare you can't get rid of a feeling that this nightmare will catch up with you soon.
It's just a thing you don't escape from.

More from scriptwelder

You might have heard of scriptwelder before - while Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive is the studio's first big title, it's certainly not my first game ever. In the past I've developed a bunch of free web games, most famous being Deep Sleep trilogy, 400 Years, A small talk at the back of beyond and last but not least, the Don't Escape web series, consisting of 3 separate games.